Missionaries - Stan Mathias

Who We are

Hidden Harvest International (formerly known as Stan Mathias Ministries) has been striving and succeeding in reaching Far East Asia with the gospel message of Jesus since the 1990’s. After successfully establishing and operating a bible school for ministers in Taiwan, HHI went on to pioneer a successful network of bible schools in the house churches in East Asia.  Over 1,000 schools taught and trained over 13,000 pastors which in turn minister to over 2.5 million people. During this time of teaching and training HHI learned about the unengaged and unreached people groups in East Asia.

These unreached people don’t have any gospel work, church or bible in their language and suffer from the lack of hope that only Jesus brings. HHI is involved in Bible translation and mobilizing East Asian Christians to answer the call to missions in order to build local believers with the lasting hope, healing, and prosperity that only comes through a relationship with Jesus and His Word. With more than 154 unreached people groups that represent more than 25 million people, HHI is committed more than ever to see and establish a legacy of God’s work in East Asia.

​“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come."  Matt. 24:14

Our Vision

To reach every unreached people group in East Asia with partnerships in translating God's Word and planting churches in each and every area.

Our Mission

HHI is commissioned by God to help introduce scripture for the first time and mobilize East Asia Christians to reach unreached people groups in their own nation by planting churches and various other gospel ministries.

How Can I Help?

Please visit the hiddenharvestinternational.org  website to get involved through prayer and giving opportunities.