Missionaries - Rocky & Joske Malloy

Who We Are

Mission Generation is a Christian development organization dedicated to giving school age children the tools they need to make quality life decisions. We train students, teachers and parents in Biblical principles using textbooks reinforced with humanitarian aid. We are dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission as set forth by Christ Jesus. We operate inside the largest networks of earth – public and private schools - which is massive, very effective and efficient means of reaching entire nations with the Gospel. We are Change Agents illuminating all levels of societies in which we work. We are committed to Biblical truth, dependent on God, and people of prayer. Guided by an excellent board of directors made up of very successful men and women Mission Generation uses sound business principles coupled with compassion to maximize the impact of our partner's gifts allowing for unlimited potential. Mission Generation, Inc (MG) is a Texas non-profit corporation and a qualified charitable organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code established in 1990. (Formally Shield of Faith Ministries, Inc. or SOF.) It currently has a six-member board of directors. All those who serve MG administratively do so without any form of compensation. SOF has administrative offices in The Netherlands, Bolivia and the United States. For full discloser contact Kyle Dickson. Shield of Faith is member in good standing with Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and is applying for membership with the Interdenominational Foreign Missions Association (IFMA). We’re about a Divine Connection - Connecting you with your destiny by helping others find and fulfill their destiny. We’re about Helping Children - Connecting teachers and parents with the help they need to prepare their students and children to be witnesses for Him in a global society. We’re about Destiny - Connecting people with God so that they can fulfill their purpose.

What We Do

Mission Generation teaches the Word of God in public and private schools using our own textbooks.

Our Textbooks

The series entitled "Here I am" use Biblical stories and principles incorporated into an ethics and morals framework to deliver the gospel. The books are government approved. Our books are used by public and private schools with startling results. Every school using the textbooks has reported that dramatic reduction in: teen pregnancy, drug use, truancy and gang participation. In addition every textbook has the plan of salvation bringing thousands to Christ every year! Click here to learn more about our textbooks.

School Conferences

Conferences are held at the requests of the state and local governments in schools and public auditoriums regardless of whether they use our textbooks. Our only condition being that we are allowed to pray with the children and teachers that participate. Topics include: Godly economics, marriage, relationships, principles, values, self-esteem, democracy, government, conservation, health and AIDS awareness.


Using teams of seven to ten people we have been successful in introducing the Gospel and Godly principles to students of all ages. The current and most successful drama has been an adaptation from Max Lucado's book You're Special. Thousands of children have prayed for salvation as a result of these presentations.


To educate a generation of children with the Word of God, bring them to the knowledge of Christ and motivate them to live a life of purpose, principles and values.


To be obedient to the Great Commission as set forth by Jesus Christ. Goals

  •  A Mission Generation textbook in the hands of 1 million Bolivian students by 2010.
  •  A Mission Generation textbook in the hands of 10 million students by 2016 including English, French and Portuguese editions.
  •  At least one born again person for every Mission Generation textbook distributed.
  •  Reduction of truancy, teen pregnancy, poverty, delinquency, vice and disease in the schools using Mission Generation text..
  •  Successful identification of at risk children and connection with the appropriate humanitarian aid.

How Can I Help?

Please visit the Mission Generation website to get involved through prayer and giving opportunities.