Missionaries - Jim & Bonnie DeHart

Who We Are

We have been serving in Guatemala since 2009.  Our Focus – is the Petén jungle of northern Guatemala. The region represents 1/3 the total area of Guatemala but only 5% of the population.  This sparsely populated area has the lowest economic standing in Guatemala and contains hundreds of rural villages of Mayan people.  Focusing on one village at a time, we minister to the poor and make disciples.  To address both spiritual and physical needs, we combine the ministry of God’s Word with Community Development projects such as: Medical Clinics, Water Catchment Systems & Filtration, Health Education, and Hygiene Training, just to name a few.  Joining these projects together with evangelism and discipleship enables us to minister to the whole person.  Our passion is to see these communities transformed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to be an integral part of reaching this primitive region of the world.  You can support our efforts in prayer, by being a part of a short-term missions group to work with our projects, and by joining us as a monthly supporting partner.

What We Do

Following is a short synopsis of how God blesses the people of Guatemala through these projects:

Medical: Medical outreach is one of our gateway ministries. People receive consultation and treatment for their physical condition while at the same time hearing the word of God preached and receiving prayer for their lives. These clinics are conducted in rural areas and primitive villages which do not have regular medical care available. Normally, we see between 100 to 300 people receive ministry in each of our medical outreaches.

Community Development: By meeting the needs of rural communities we open the door for evangelism. Combining humanitarian aid with the preaching of the word has a powerful impact on the hearts of the villagers. Just a few examples of our Community Development project includes; a huge elevated water tank constructed to serve the nearly 600 residents of the village of Centro Campesino; the people of La Nueva Sesaltul are happy to see the new church, school, community center completed this year with sufficient space for the entire village to gather for special events; one local church receives a new coat of paint; another village church gains a concrete floor to replace their dirt floor; and a local Bible school receives renovations including plumbing, electrical wiring and new paint.

Clean Water: The major health concern in the Petén jungle is clean water. Equipping the villages to construct and maintain rainwater catchment systems along with bio-sand filters greatly reduces the health threat of bacteria, parasites and disease. Because of this program over 120 families now have clean water in their homes.

Children’s Evangelism: Outreaches with songs, games, bible lessons, snacks and prizes are conducted weekly here, with an average of over 250 children in attendance. Every week we see children receive Christ as Lord and Savior. This evangelism team endeavors to visit new homes in our area each week, as well as local schools. Many surrounding schools have opened their doors for us to minister on campus and present the gospel. Plans are underway to construct a new children’s center for the outreach program which will include a basketball court and soccer field as well as a stage area for dramas and ministry programs.

How Can I Help?

Please visit the DeHart Ministry website to get involved through prayer and giving opportunities.