Missionaries - Helen Redman

Who We Are

In 1982, the Christian Missionary Association was founded by Henry and Helen Redman to train pastoral leadership among the peoples of the primitive areas of the world. 
After the passing of Henry in 1986, the Christian Missionary Association has continued under the leadership of the Rev. Helen Redman. 
Helen Redman is an effective teacher and travels the United States and around the world sharing the benefits of the gospel. 
In addition, Helen Redman conducts Women's Seminars teaching self-esteem in the third world countries where women are often considered second class citizens.  Doors have opened to conduct Women's Seminars in many countries including Russia, India, Peru and Paraguay. 
In 2005, Helen wrote a book titled "Lessons for Living". In this book, Helen is sharing her discoveries over the past 18 years. Her lessons for living are presented in a format that will guide you one day at a time to your own happy and rewarding lifestyle, regardless of the loss you may have experienced. The principles shared and when applied through prayer and commitment will produce the greatest joy of true and happy living.

Testimony from Our Founder - Helen Redman

All my life I was very timid and had a low self-esteem.  My husband went home to the Lord very unexpectedly on July 6, 1986.  Two days after the memorial service, in order not to go into a spirit of grief, I planted seeds by working 12 hours a day in our mission office.  Three weeks later, I came home late from work extremely exhausted and an empty, void feeling engulfed my spirit.  I turned the radio on to a gospel music station.  As the music filled the room, I began to worship the Lord. As I was dancing, His presence came in the room and filled that empty void. I knew the very moment He did it.  It was as if God had pulled a curtain down and that part of my life of 40 plus years of marriage with Henry Redman was behind me.  He had a ministry for me, individually, that I had never previously experienced. 
Immediately doors began to open for speaking and teaching.  I knew it had to be God and as I would go through the doors He opened, He would give me a boldness I never had before.  My husband and I pastored for thirty-three years.  During all those years,  I had never been asked to speak publicly for all our acquaintances knew how timid I was. 
Philippians 4:13 became rhema to me that completely changed my life.  It has enabled me to go around the world teaching and training Nationals to reach their own people.

How Can I Help?

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