Missionaries - Guine & Lisa Anderson

Who We Are

Guine Anderson was born into a Christian family and at the age of 15 he gave his life to Jesus, being transformed by the power of God. When he was 17, God called him to serve in full time ministry. He received his Theological training in a Bible college in India. During this time he began working among the headhunters in northeast India.

During this time, revival broke out in those mountain regions with hundreds of thousands of people giving their hearts to Jesus. Seeing these signs, wonders and miracles as in the book of Acts, Guine was more determined than ever to bring the gospel to the unreached people of India.

In 1982 he became a missionary and moved to Nepal to preach the gospel. During those years it was against the law to preach in the Hindu Kingdom of Nepal. However Guine, together with his brothers and friends, were able to start a training center and began training local believers to carry out the work of evangelism in the nation.

With over 400 full time missionaries, co-workers and associates, Guine Anderson is the Founder and President of Harvest NOW Inc., a non-profit mission’s organization spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ across Asia and around the world.

Lisa Anderson's missionary journeys began at the age of 2, when she and her family traveled for 10 days aboard a ship from New York to Italy. Growing up as a missionary kid, she and her two sisters would minister alongside their parents. Her family started a church and was actively involved in reaching their community through street evangelism, tent crusades, camps for children and music ministry.

When Lisa was 21 years old she returned to the United States to study at Christ for the Nations in New York. After graduation, she knew the Lord had called her to preach the gospel in Asia. She moved to Hong Kong and served in the Vietnamese refugee camps. Lisa was also involved in smuggling Bibles into China! During her stay in Hong Kong she labored as an evangelist, helping to plant several churches.

During this time Lisa and Guine met. Through their commitment to the Lord and His ministry, He joined their hearts together. They were married in 1991. As a couple they began traveling and ministering together.

Guine and Lisa have 3 children name Isabella, Daniela and Joshua. Their ministry is currently based in Houston, TX. Lisa faithfully works full time in ministry. Over the years she has traveled around Asia and the world, preaching the Good News of Jesus. Lisa has ministered to thousands of women, worship leaders and led many teams on short-term mission trips worldwide.

What We Do

The vision of Harvest NOW is:

1. Evangelizing nations

2. Training young leaders

3. Planting churches in unreached communities

4. Caring for the orphans

Over 35 years, God has helped us pioneer and plant hundreds of churches, disciple believers, raise up leaders and lead a movement of Revival in our generation. We closely network and partner with hundreds of churches, businesses and believers around the world to expand the work of God in the nations.


Here at Harvest NOW, we are bringing in this New Year through prayer. The year has already been started with great momentum and vision. As we set the bar higher, we believe 2014 will be a time of tremendous harvest.

We want to share our plans with you so you can pray and agree with us that the gospel will be taken even further. Our hope is to minister to three million people in Asia and Europe through direct contact. Our goal is to host 12 International Conferences around the world this year! We plan to train and disciple 8,000 young people in ministry so they can be sent out to reach their people. At least 3,000 poor and orphaned children in Asia will be helped and given care and love. We will also reach 10,500 youth through our summer Vacation Bible Schools. With your help, we wish to support 500 native missionaries and plant 75 new churches.

Harvest NOW is good soil and your giving is making a life-changing impact on people around the world. This ministry is your hands and feet to reach the unreached and tell the untold. So come with us this New Year in expectation as we fulfill the mandate. Together, let’s do more than we have ever done.

How Can I Help?

Please visit the Harvest NOW website to get involved through prayer and giving opportunities.