Missionaries - Ed & Ginny Cook

Who We Are

We, Ed and Ginny Cook, are missionaries to Nicaragua. We are graduates of Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, OK, and Ginny is a graduate of Domata School of Missions. We met on a mission trip to Honduras in November, 2002. The first day we met, we evangelized together in the plaza of San Pedro Sula, and have been doing the same thing ever since. We were married in April, 2003, by our pastors, Mark and Janet Brazee, at World Outreach Church of Tulsa.  From that time we headed up the Soul Winning Action Team at WOC for about 7 years, taking groups out soul-winning twice a month.  Since 2003, we have taken two or three mission trips a year. The trips got longer and longer, and for the last several years we have been gone 2-3 months in the spring to Central or South America and in the fall to Southeast Asia. The mission trips have had dual focus of winning the lost and teaching and preaching in churches and Bible Schools.

In 2013, God moved on our hearts to move to Nicaragua, where we had been each spring for the past 3 years. When we shared this plan with Pastor Mark, he said, “That is great! We will support you and hold the ropes.” We obeyed God, quit our part time jobs, and moved here in January. Also, in December, we were asked to over-see the church we have worked with for the last 3 years.

Our Mission

Our mission is the great commission: we follow Mark 16:15, and do our part of going into all the world and preaching the Gospel to every creature.  According to Matthew 28:18, we make disciples, baptize the new believers, and teach them to observe and do all that Jesus taught and commanded. For that purpose, we developed our 501C3 ministry, The Vine and the Branches, Inc. in 2004.  We know God is moving through the local church with His Word, and His Holy Spirit to reach the world, and we are doing our best to work with Him.

Our Vision

Our vision is to gather in and disciple the end time harvest. Our vision is not only to build the specific church we are working with in Diriamba, Nicaragua, but more to build the body of Christ in Nicaragua to become stable, mature, strong believers, who can not only stand firm no matter what may come, but also be well trained to win the lost, train disciples, raise up churches, and minister however God chooses.

The Church

The way we are doing that in practical terms, is working through our church in Diriamba, Nicaragua: Centro Cristiano Vida Familiar.  When we arrived in January, the previous pastor had gotten rid of the youth group and the children’s church and feeding program. There were 5 regulars who attended the church, two of whom were men with some Bible training, who took turns teaching in the Wednesday and Sunday night services.

We have restarted the Children’s Church on Sunday mornings, which is followed by a feeding program. We use food provided by LSEA’s Feed the Hungry program. We have on average 30-40 children attending. God has recently provided three good youth who are gifted at working with the children. We have restarted the Youth Group, and have reinstated the previous youth leader, who did and does an excellent job. The youth are averaging 15-25 each week.

We have kept the two Nicaraguan men who were teaching in the services when we arrived on board; they and us (Ed and Ginny) share the nights of ministry. We are working with them, helping them develop their ministries.  We are averaging 20-30 in our evening services.  We are focusing  on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and good sound Bible teaching which we have been so privileged to receive.


We have trained a group of youth to do drama evangelism, which we take into the schools once or twice a week.. Most of the public and Catholic schools open their door to us to present these exciting dramas, which tell the story of salvation, followed by a prayer to receive Jesus as Savior and a prayer for healing. So far this year over 2,500 have prayed to receive Jesus as Savior, with many receiving healing and deliverance, as well.  We have found through the years that as we train the local youth to go into the schools, they quickly change from immature adolescents into vibrant soul-winning Christians.

We have the treasure of Jesus in our earthen vessels, and it never ceases to amaze us that God has given us the privilege to carry  the gift of His Good News to the world!

How can I Help?

Anyone who wants to hook up with us through prayer, financial support, or feet on the ground, is invited to contact us below.

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