Ages 19 years to 29 years

Meets on

  • Sunday School: 10:00am
  • Activities, services, and events scheduled periodically

At this time in our life we have the questions of life bombarding us at every turn. How am I going to make money? Who will I marry? What field will I go into? Will I go bald? Will I get fat? Ahhhhhh!

The real question is, will you follow Jesus? He said if you follow Him, He will make you, Matt 4:19. He has the ability to make you into what you couldn't make of yourself. Jesus can make you into a business man or woman, a husband or wife, a dad or a mom He wants to give you success in your career and even better He wants it to be lasting good success, Joshua 1:8. He really has a plan for your life that is so much better than you can think.

We believe that if we will stay next to Jesus all these other things will be alright.

Lets follow Him together.