What to Expect

Every service at Island Church has much prayer and study invested in it. Although we have a format to our services, we are open and submitted to the move of the Holy Ghost. We do our best to serve all those attending through Greeters, Ushers and Counseling ministries so that everyone will have a blessed experience. We ask that you turn off your cell phone and limit trips to the bathroom. Respecting your time, our services are approximately 1 hour on Wednesday nights and 1½ hours on Sunday mornings. We desire to equip you to go out and be an overcomer in every area and a witness for Christ.

Service Format

Anointed Praise & Worship 

This includes congregational singing, clapping, raising of hands and spontaneous dancing.


 A special time in which the Pastors and other prayer partners minister to the needs of the people by laying on of hands.

Gifts of the Spirit 

Which include: Tongues (an utterance in an unlearned language); interpretation of Tongues and Prophecy (given to the edification, exortation, and comfort of the church); Word of Wisdom (a supernatural release of the wisdom of God removing doubt dealing with the future); Word of Knowledge (a supernatural release of the knowledge of God dealing with the present); Miracles and Gifts of Healings (supernatural manifestations of God altering the natural order of things or removing sickness, disease, or healing an injury)

Offering Time 

The believer’s opportunity to participate in God’s plan of prosperity through the giving of tithe and offerings. Our policy here at Island Church is that giving is an issue between you and God.

Teaching of the Word 

30 to 40 minutes of applicable and practical teaching. Everyone is encouraged to bring a Bible and take notes.

Call for Salvation and Repentance 

A very important part of the service in which people who want either salvation or return to the Lord are invited up front with Pastor Rusty. We ask that people be respectful by remaining in their seat until this ministry time is finished.


Pastor Rusty prays over the congregation by confessing and releasing protection and blessing over all. After dismissal, everyone is encouraged to “meet and greet” with one another.

Other things you may see 

Giving of announcements, baby dedication, special music, prayer for our military and nation, testimonies of God’s blessings, missions reports and updates, honoring our Veterans, and/or a presentation of the Islanders (our children’s choir and bell choir).