Our History


 Island Church held its first service on the first Sunday in February 2002. The venue was the Galvez Hotel and there were 65 people in attendance. Prior to the first meeting, there were 5 months of prayer held every Tuesday night at Pastor Rusty and Leah’s home in Galveston. After a month at the Galvez Hotel, Island Church moved to the Tremont House for almost a year. We then leased a building at the corner of 45th Street and Avenue Q. The church continued to grow at the 45th Street location for 3 years until the current property on 69th Street was secured.

We held our first service in our current location on Easter Sunday 2006. Currently there are approximately 300 people who call Island Church their home. The church continues to grow even after the set back of hurricane Ike

The many ministries of the church include praise and worship, ushers, greeters, counseling and outreach ministries, teenTorrent, kidCurrent, Happy Harbor, and missions. Our missions support include the nations of Australia, Bolivia, Botswana, China, Cuba, Guatemala, Ireland, Kenya, and USA (Oklahoma & Virginia). Island Church not only supports these missionaries financially, but also occasionally holds crusades and outreaches in some of these countries

Throughout its history, Island Church has endeavored to preach and demonstrate the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with power, accuracy and integrity.